Meet DP Waldman

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Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, DP grew up in the epicenter of Southern California surf and skate culture. His earliest callings drew him to the worlds of musical performance and the possibility of a full spiritual life. He began meditating in high school and studied music, philosophy and religious studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz.

Although DP quickly entered the business world after college, he longed for a deeper spiritual experience. At 26 he journeyed to India where he met his first spiritual Teacher, now known as Osho. Later, he’d meet his second spiritual Teacher, with whom he had  a direct experience of awakening to the I AM presence. In the late 90’s DP followed a calling to enter the field of Professional and Personal Coaching and has since specialized in Life, Career and Spiritual Coaching, working within organizations as an Executive Leadership Coach and in private practice with individual clients, bringing a lifetime of personal, professional and spiritual development to his work.

In 2015, while at a silent retreat in the Southern California high desert with their shared favorite Teacher Gangaji, DP and Monica met and connected deeply. Realizing their shared passions and great love for each other, they married and began a life together. From the start, they’ve shared a love for the people, land, and culture of Colombia as well as a vision of promoting the best of Colombia through travel and fine handicrafts.

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