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Communities & Mission

We, at Authentic Colombia, have the privilege of working with indigenous craftsmen and women from several different tribes all over Colombia.

Our mission includes bringing you beautiful wearable art and giving back a substantial portion of your purchase to the communities of origin in the form of social projects, resources, education, and employment.

When you buy from us, you're empowering, benefiting and supporting over 200 families of indigenous artisans in Colombia.

This Is Colombia

A radiant sky above immense deserts and valleys, surrounded by the high mountain ranges of the Andes, home to a magnificent biodiversity of fauna, flora,
ethnicities and cultures.

All bathed by the pristine waters of the Caribbean Sea & the Pacific Ocean.

This is Colombia!

And we are: Authentic Colombia: Fine Handicrafts with Purpose

A mandala that represents the ancestral and sacred geometry of the Colombian indigenous artisans.


Our Products

Everything you see in our booths at the markets and in our website, has been crafted by hand by indigenous and native people from various regions of Colombia- from the Caribbean coast to the Amazon rainforest!

Each item is a unique piece of art:
gorgeous, vibrant, earthy, magical, and fashionable cross-body bags, beautiful unique hats, filigrana jewelry, beaded necklaces & earrings, gorgeous hammocks, baskets, and a wide variety of bracelets.

Our enterprise aims to be a tribute to the Colombian ancestral traditions and craftsmanship which are so exquisitely represented in the products that we bring
to you.

Where is Your Money Going? 

Social Projects

A substantial portion of you purchases goes back to further support the indigenous communities that we work with in different regions in Colombia. 

We develop social projects directly with the communities' leaders and also tend to their most urgent needs. 
Many families live in very meager conditions, almost in extreme poverty. 

With your support, we have contributed to building tanks for clean water in poor areas where the lack of potable water was causing the death of children. 

Funds from your purchases have also been used to buy clothes, school materials and shoes for children; aid in urgent surgeries for master senior craftswomen; buy food for entire villages; sponsor the participation of artisans in folk art and crafts shows in order for them to have more exposure and sales. 

Women Empowerment

These beautiful and talented indigenous craftswomen don't need charity. They don't need alms. They need Empowerment and that's what we, with your support, are devoted to offer them. 

They already create the most stunning handcrafted products and so they just need to be able to have access to the right markets and vendors in order to make a decent living through their art. 

Preserving Traditions

All the indigenous communities that we work with, have been passing their weaving, crocheting and knitting traditions for centuries, generation to generation. 

Some of these tribes go back to prior the Spanish arrival
in Colombia. That's how ancient their techniques are.
A real treasure for humanity. 

Part of our mission in Authentic Colombia, with your support, is to help these communities preserve their ancestral traditions and cultural heritage.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

"Knowing that purchasing a bag contributes to empowering indigenous women makes my soul happy..."

"I found Authentic Colombia on accident; and what an awesome accident. I fell in LOVE with all of the gorgeous bags.

I learned about the indigenous women that create the bags, the time and dedication it takes, and how a purchase impacts the community. I was, am, amazed.

I am a firm believer of supporting and empowering women. Knowing that purchasing a bag contributes to their empowerment makes my soul happy.

I am also a fanatic about bags! I love them. I love Authentic Colombia bags so much I have several. I’ve even given them as gifts. They are durable, beautiful, one of a kind, and the color combinations are more amazing in person.

Again, I can’t speak highly enough about the mission, quality, and company. One of the best experiences and personalized care ever""

- Liz H. Crestwood, KY

"Definitely top notch products!..."

“Just got my orders and everything…the bags, hat and bracelets are stunningly beautiful and perfectly woven!
Definitely top notch products!

Many thanks Mónica, for helping these young girls from the Colombian "Wayuu" indigenous tribe excel in their ancestral art of weaving by making them proud of their roots and culture, and creating a sustainable workplace for them”

- Sonia E. Fairfax, VA

"The indigenous artists are such special people and I love being able to provide support to them while purchasing their beautiful art..."

"I am so delighted to have the ability to purchase from a company who so well represents the artist and supplies them with a fair trade price.

The artists you represent are such special people and I love being able to provide support to them while purchasing their beautiful art.

The bags and hats I have are so beautiful and well made!

I also so appreciate your kindness and helpfulness with each and every purchase. 

I look forward to many more treasures in the future"

- Kathy C. Sanibel Island, FL

This Is Us

Introducing the Dynamic Duo Behind Authentic Colombia

Meet Mónica, the visionary founder, and Pilar, the extraordinary Chief Operations Officer in Colombia. Together, they form an unstoppable mother-daughter team, igniting the passion and driving force behind Authentic Colombia: Fine Handicrafts With Purpose.

If you're fortunate, you might catch a glimpse of these remarkable women at their captivating booth, featured in renowned craft shows and markets throughout the country. Drawing you into their world, they warmly invite you to join their journey into handmade.

Fueling their fervor is an unwavering love for the talented indigenous artisans of Colombia and their breathtaking creations. Over the past seven years, Mónica and Pilar have fostered an unbreakable bond of trust and friendship with the indigenous communities, transforming their collaboration into a cherished extended family.

Nestled in the heart of Bogota, Pilar works tirelessly around the shipping logistics of awe-inspiring products sourced directly from remote indigenous villages. Every item is meticulously unpacked and examined, and thoughtfully prepared for its journey to Mónica in the USA or wherever Authentic Colombia sets foot.

Guiding the creative direction with her expert touch, Mónica takes pride in personally connecting with the indigenous craftsmen and craftswomen. Her discerning eye carefully selects the most captivating products, ensuring the perfect blend of style, color, and quality.

This endeavor is far more than just a business; it is a labor of love, a homage to the indigenous artisans and their profound cultural heritage. Mónica and Pilar hold deep admiration, unwavering respect, and a desire to honor the centuries-old traditions passed down through generations.

Authentic Colombia serves as a platform to celebrate the timeless wisdom and unparalleled beauty of Colombian handicrafts. Mónica and Pilar's shared passion emanates from every handmade treasure, carrying the spirit of their artisans into the world. Experience the enchantment, and let Authentic Colombia transport you to a realm where ancient traditions thrive and stories are woven into every thread.

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